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JC  Gaberel 

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Jean-Claude GABEREL, Suisse

Imagine - Trio Charl Du Plessis - G010


With the recording of this new disc for Stenheim I wanted to include tracks that share our respect
for the original score, whilst infusing it with creativity and imagination. Thanks to the dedication
and musicality of my two colleagues I have been nable to explore the music on this disc with joy.
Ranging from Beethoven to Bizet we wanted to ensure a variety and wide ranging palette of
colour, to showcase the most dynamic sound palette possible. It was important to us to include a variety of
moods, styles and composers to show the listening enjoyment of our music for the discerning
listener. The recording was specifically aimed to capture the sensitive, true and emotional quality
of a live performance. The listening connoisseur should have the feeling of being in the room with us, surrounded by the vibrations, the directness and clarity of the sound.